Actor So Ji Sub will be making a surprise cameo on the upcoming historical film “Sado” (also known as “The Throne“).

He will be playing the role of Jeongjo, who has witnessed the death of his father, Sado (Yoo Ah In). His role is crucial in the film as it ties the tragic stories of his past generations, starting from his grandfather’s (Song Kang Ho).

From the released stills, you can sense Jeongjo’s mournful atmosphere.

so ji sub2

So Ji Sub commented, “I valued the importance of the role rather than its screen-time. I chose this film because of the good script, but I did worry whether or not I would do well. I had a great time filming, and I would love to work with the director again if I get the chance.”

The director of this film, Lee Joon Ik, complimented So Ji Sub, saying, “His presence in ‘Sado’ is unforgettable. Jeongjo only appears in three scenes throughout the entire movie but he plays a crucial role. I wanted to cast So Ji Sub, and he decided to film the movie with no appearance fee. So Ji Sub filmed the movie with a sincere heart and he never let his guard down during the shoot,” and thanked him.

Meanwhile, this new historical film is slated to premiere on September 16.

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