According to So Ji Sub’s agency, his personal magazine “SONICe” will be published on March 14. It is the first time that an actor in South Korea has released their personal magazine. There have been cases in Japan and other countries overseas.

The meaning behind “SONICe” is a combination of “So Nice” and also has attached an “e” to the end of So Ji Sub’s nickname “soni c.”

So Ji Sub’s agency stated, “We hope that ‘SONICe’ will become a word that describes So Ji Sub just like ‘So Gan Ji’ has been his predominant nickname.” (It means So Ji Sub is the best)

The magazine “SONICe” will contain So Ji Sub’s personal stories and date courses, cooking, and books that So Ji Sub recommends.

The first edition of the magazine contains “His Eyes” which will talk about items and concepts reflected off of his eyes.