Wonder GirlsSohee has been chosen as one of the faces of Lancome’s newest cosmetic line, “Visionnaire.” Lancome Korea revealed a video of Sohee’s interview during the photoshoot via their YouTube channel, focusing on Sohee’s natural radiance, and own perceptions of beauty.

As the line focuses on anti-aging, Sohee was filmed with a natural look and glowing skin. During her interview, Sohee’s answers also showed quite a bit of maturity. When asked about her personal idea of beauty, she explained that she believes there is always beauty around her, especially when with others.

She also said that she believes herself to be the most beautiful when “in places appropriate for her age.”

Sohee was complimented by Lancome staff, who noted that she was “naturally confident,” and used a “variety of stunning facial expressions,” as well as for the maturity she displayed while filming.

Lancome is promoting the “Visionnaire” with other stars, including 2NE1’s CL, Jaurim‘s Kim YunA, and Choi Hwa Jung.

Source: Nate