Recently, various online community bulletin boards shared handwritten letters by Korean soldiers who served with popular singer Rain. In no time at all, the letters became quite the hot topic among netizens.

The soldier’s letters regarding Rain have been made public. The new recruits who had spent time training with Rain mentioned him in their letters. They had various things to say about the singer, but one common thing was that they couldn’t help but praise Rain.

“As a trainee, Ji Hoon hyung is a really kind and a nice neighbor, but outside he is a world star. Side by side, we worked together, had a meal together, and shared stories.”

“Ji Hoon hyung is just a soldier like the rest of us.  But he is built better than most recruits. He is 185cm (6ft) tall.”

Netizens, who came across the letters written by the recruits, didn’t hesitate when they responded, “World star Rain, I knew you would be well adjusted to the military life hyung,” “Good to hear that Rain is just as friendly and hardworking out of the spotlight,” and “You must be entertaining the soldiers when you have a chance during downtime.”