EXID leader Solji has given fans an update on the group’s much-anticipated comeback!

Solji hosted her own live show on Naver’s V app on April 2 after she threw the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game, and took the chance to answer some of her fans’ questions.

When asked when EXID will be making a comeback, Solji replies, “I think we’ll be making a comeback in the summertime. We’re continually working on it. We’re recording songs too. There’s nothing confirmed.”

solji 2

In addition, Solji is asked how she’s been doing lately. She replies, “I went to Jeju island with my family, and Japan on my own as well. I wanted to travel around on my own, but I got a cold so I came back. I’ve been dealing with the cold still lately.”

Are you excited for a comeback from EXID?

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