H&T revealed a few photos of their fall collection featuring Son Dam Bi.

Son Dam Bi showed cased the collections patterned knit cardigans and cozy sweaters, perfect for those chilly autumn days

Fans noted Dam Bi’s alluring poses, showing of her pale collarbones and lean legs. Both her red cardigan and thigh high leather boots grabbed fans’ attention. Not only did the fashion scream sexy, but also Dam Bi’s wavy auburn hair and smoky eyes.

H&T applauded Dam Bi for her alluring and dignified poses, as well as her professionalism. After participating in SBS’s “Kiss & Cry,” which showed off Dam Bi’s multiple talents as well as her figure, fans have dubbed her the “Sexy Queen.”

According to H&T designer Yi Hyun Ju, “The key feature of autumn collections will be knitted products, and playing with different textures to enhance your look.” “Exposing your legs or shoulder adds a bit of sex appeal to complete your look.”

H&T’s collection emphasizes different textures and eye-catching items to jazz up your fall wardrobe.

Source: Hankyung