Son Dam Bi revealed a picture that shows her perfection. The makeup artist Lee Kyung Eun tweeted on March 15, “I just got back from a one night two day trip to Paris with Son Dam Bi. ‘In One Day.’ Check out the perfect picture.”

In the picture Son Dam Bi is wearing a retro hairstyle. Her white mini dress is also reminiscent of the 20s in the U.S. The way Son Dam Bi is posing in the picture makes her look like a white swan. Also, because of her perfect proportions she seems more like a doll than an actual person.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “She looks like a doll,” “Wow her body is so long,” “Her body is awesome,” and “Are you not going to be a singer anymore?”

Currently Son Dam Bi appears on the MBC drama “Light and Shadows” as “Yoo Chae Young.”