Sexy diva Son Dam Bi recently reminisced about her past busy schedule and revealed how she even had to take a helicopter to get from place to place.

On October 111, Son Dam Bi was a guest on KBS’s “Happy Together 3” and shared that she was incredibly busy during her promotions for her best-known single, “Crazy.” She revealed that she was lined up for many events and appearances during those days.

Son Dam Bi shared, “When I was promoting ‘Crazy,’ as soon as I opened my eyes, I had an event or appearance lined up for me. We were so busy that we had to drive very busily to the point where it wasn’t safe. On really busy days, I had over 10 events or appearances scheduled in one day.”

She then continued, “It was like, each time I opened my eyes, I had an event to attend. When things got too busy, I even had to take helicopter rides. That was how busy I was.”

Son Dam Bi also mentioned that she felt so pressured about having great airport fashion, that she’d lay out her entire outfit the night before.

Soompiers, do you remember Son Dam Bi’s “Crazy” days?