Son Dam Bi has been gaining a lot of attention from fans and netizens after revealing her spacious single apartment on television.

August 27 on KBS show “Star Life Theater,” Son Dam Bi showed viewers her single apartment for the first time.

The tall structure of the apartment building and the clean and luxurious interior of Son Dam Bi’s home grabbed the attention of many viewers. A long sofa in one of the shots accentuated her spacious living room, and a unique book shelf that covered an entire side of a wall added to the mood of a comfortable living space.

Son Dam Bi, who currently lives alone, expressed a sense of solitude, “When I walk in and turn on the lights it feels lonely because no one is here.” Unable to find the comforts of being alone Son also confessed, “The very first thing I do when I come home is call my mom and talk with her.”

Netizens who saw the segment on Son Dam Bi’s home responded in various ways: “I want to live in a house like that too,” “She really looked lonely, I pity her,” “Her house is really nice.”