Son Dam Bi has been slapped with a $1 million USD lawsuit over an alleged breach of contract. According to the Seoul Central District Court, Son Dam Bi and her agency Pledis Entertainment were sued by cosmetic brand Enprani on August 12th for breaching their contract and endorsing a competitor’s product.

“Son Dam Bi and her agency Pledis Entertainment breached our contract by appearing in advertisements for MAC and ELCA products. On October 14th, Son Dam Bi and her management agency signed an agreement prohibiting her from appearing in any advertisements or endorsement events of our competitor’s products. But she breached the contract by appearing in an advertisement for MAC from May 24th,” Enprani said in a statement.

“Since her casting in SBS ‘Kiss & Cry,’ Son Dam Bi began using her likenesses for MAC, as if she’s their main model. ELCA also used Son Dam Bi as their official model in press, magazine, and Internet ads, as well as press releases,” it added.

“However, Pledis Entertainment is making excuses saying ELCA used Son Dam Bi’s likenesses without any prior notification or agreement. It could only be regarded as Son Dam Bi intentionally appeared in ELCA’s ads and promotional events, even when she knew she was under exclusive contract with us,” Enprani said.

Enprani has demanded $840,000 USD from Pledis Entertainment, twice the amount of her modeling fee, and an additional $160,000 USD for ad production expenses, while claiming $300,000 USD from ELCA Korea.

In response, Pledis Entertainment said, “We already raised this issue to MAC in the past, and they sent us a certification of contents ensuring they would not make the same mistake happen. We’re currently reviewing the documents and the proper legal steps to take on this matter.”