Singer Son Dambi reveals her house for the first time on air.

On August 27, she showed her luxurious residence to the viewers of KBS “Star Theater.”

Located in Seoul’s Gwangjin-gu, Son Dambi’s high-rise apartment is fashioned with elegant interior and stylish furniture bringing envy to many. Her particular attention to detail was noticeable by placing a long and sleek white sofa to unify the white color scheme of the living room.

Son Dambi said, “It’s very lonely when I come home, turn on the lights and find that no one’s there.” She further explained, “It’s not that I like being lonely, but it looks like I’ve come to enjoy it” showing how she tries to survive through loneliness.

She also added, “When I come back home, the first thing I do is call mom and just chat.” She’s drawing attention for being a good filial daughter.

The netizens who saw her house wrote, “Her house is really luxurious,” “I want to live in a house like that,” “It must be lonely living alone in a house like that.”