Singer-cum-actress Son Dambi has drawn attention for looking like a Barbie doll. The reason for the comparison comes from a recent episode of her MBC drama “Light and Shadows.” During the episode, she wore a neon pink coat, causing some to compare her appearance to Barbie.

In the episode, singer Yoo Chae Young (Son Dambi) is brought to a police office. Despite the serious nature of the scene, it was Son Dambi’s small face and perfect body proportions that had netizens talking. Son Dambi looked great in the retro style clothing, and also was able to look sexy.

In the scene, she has a silk hairband tied around her head, pink lipstick and dangly earrings. Her neon pink coat reaches her knees and is open, showing the white knee-length dress that she’s wearing. She’s also wearing grey tights in grey heels, and finishes the look with neon pink nail polish and a bit of a sour expression. Netizens who saw the comparison photograph commented, “The birth of a new Barbie?” “She pulled off wearing neon clothing well,” and “She’s got the looks, she can sing, she can act…is there anything she can’t do?”

“Light and Shadows” is a drama set in the 1960s. What do you think about her outfit and the comparison to Barbie?