Son Dambi revealed personal training photos of herself which is the secret behind her perfect body.

Son Dambi is currently a model for the sports brand “Descente” and for a CF she was shown pumping iron. Pictures showed Son Dambi working out dynamically however still managing to be very sexy.

A Descente representative stated on July 27th, “For her personal training open filming, Son Dambi trained with her personal trainer Jung Joo ho. Son Dambi is almost a sportsaholic already that focuses on maintaining her health; however, for the past six months she has appeared on a sports program. Also, because she is the model of a sports brand, she has been more focused on improving her body.

The representative continued, “Son Dambi is very good at difficult sports techniques and received the praise, “Wow Son Dambi.” 

Son Dambi has stated, “Through professional body maintenance I can work on the body parts that I want to improve. Although it is more difficult, it is more worthwhile. After becoming a model for a sports brand, I am more interested now in fitness clothes and shoes.”

Currently Son Dambi is appearing on SBS’ “Kiss and Cry” and showing off her figure skating skills.

Source: Star News