Actor Son Ho Joon shared yet another story about his close friendship with TVXQ‘s Yunho on the latest episode of KBS2TVHappy Together Season 3.” The actor confessed that there was one time that they called each other so much while Yunho was overseas that the phone bill for the month amounted to 2 million won (approx. 1800 USD).

Son Ho Joon explains on the show, “Yunho and I have stuck close together since we were young, so when he became busy and traveled a lot overseas, we had no chance to see each other. So whenever we spoke over the phone, the call would last about 1-2 hours. Because it was international, the phone bill shot through the roof. It came out to be over 2 million won.”

When asked who the phone bill went to, Son Ho Joon says it was TVXQ’s Yunho who ended up paying for it.

son ho joon happy together

He also tells a story of how he spent his first leave from the military with Yunho. “Yunho said that for my first vacation, he would take me somewhere nice. But we just ended up going to the theme park,” says Son Ho Joon, who expresses his determination to get payback. “Yunho is enlisting soon. For his first vacation, I’m going to take him to the theme park, too.”

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