It was reported that on July 1, a representative from Son Ho Young’s agency updated the media with Son Ho Young’s current condition. “After he was discharged on June 1, Son Ho Young stayed confined in his own home. But, he has recently been hiking mountains in Seoul and other cities with his dad to help him get back on his feet.”

His side stated, “Many people who are tired usually decide to go on hikes and climb mountains because it’s a good way to let go of small, unnecessary thoughts, while strengthening the mind and body. It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on the past.”

The representative continued, “Son Ho Young said that he is able to reflect as he is on his hike. Even though he is finding stability, it will take some time for him to come back. His family is deeply thankful for everyone’s concern, but it will take a lot of before he is able to start promoting again.”

On May 23, Son Ho Young attempted suicide using the same method as his deceased girlfriend and was quickly admitted into a hospital.