Idol-turned-actor Son Ji Hyun (formerly known as Nam Ji Hyun) talked about her former members of 4Minute.

When the group disbanded in 2016, HyunA was the only one who remained with Cube Entertainment. When asked if she felt upset about that at all, Son Ji Hyun honestly replied, “In the beginning, we were upset about each other. However, as time passed by, I understood her. Everyone has their own paths in life. I sincerely wish the best for HyunA. I hope all of us can do well and meet in the future.”

Son Ji Hyun admitted that the members do not meet up often but support each other from afar. She said, “We feel like classmates. We spent our youth together, so we’re affectionate of each other.”

When asked if she missed the stage, she confessed, “I think I performed enough where I don’t have any regrets. I did the best I could for seven years. Honestly, I did want to be on stage for a little longer, but the situation didn’t work out, so I quickly ended [my idol life] and moved onto being an actress. I miss those days, so I sometimes look for videos. However, I can’t go back to those days. Now, I have to go on a new path, and I’m a rookie who lacks a lot. I can’t just look back anymore. I have to move forward.”

Son Ji Hyun was recently in TV Chosun’s drama “Grand Prince.” Watch the drama below!

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