On February 11, the Seoul Central District Court proceeded with the first trial for Son Seung Won’s drunk driving case.

A month ago, the actor was charged with dangerous driving under the Additional Punishment Law on Specific Crimes and violating the Road Traffic Act by driving drunk and without a license. During the first trial, Son Seung Won acknowledged all of the charges made against him.

At the trial, Son Seung Won also shared words of repentance. The actor said, “I will no longer live a life that depends on alcohol. I once again realized the responsibility of being a public figure.”

He continued, “I wholeheartedly felt that I thought too easily of the laws. While spending days at the detention center, I sincerely reflected on my past everyday.” He concluded, “I will never commit such a crime again and live uprightly.”

The actor’s lawyer stated, “The defendant is suffering from panic disorder. Because of this case, his military enlistment was also canceled. Please be considerate of the defendant so that he can freely attend his trial and think about his future.”

In the end, Son Seung Won requested to receive a conditional discharge. If the court orders a conditional discharge, the actor will not be formally convicted, and the conviction will be removed from his record after a period of time, as long as he meets his conditions.

Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews.

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