In a recent interview, actress Son Ye Jin shared her thoughts on the growing “Me Too” movement that has been spreading throughout South Korea.

She expressed, “I have been paying close attention. I’m also surprised and taken aback.”

“Until now, our society hasn’t been a society where women could be courageous like that,” Son Ye Jin explained, “However, as one, two women summoned their courage like they did, it has caused a phenomenon in society. I believe that this is the way to becoming a better society, not one that is worse.”

The actress continued, “I want to applaud the courage they have to not hide their names and do as much as they did. As fellow women, it must not have been an easy decision. They are amazing. I believe that we will become a society where sexual violence will continue to diminish until it is gone because of those people’s efforts.”

Son Ye Jin is set to return to both the big and small screens, with her film “Be With You” premiering in South Korean theaters on March 14, and her drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” airing on March 30.

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