Son Ye Jin spoke about her co-star Jung Hae In and their dating rumors in a recent interview.

The two actors recently starred in the popular JTBC drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food,” where many viewers tuned in to watch the love story of the older woman-younger man couple. Son Ye Jin said, “While doing this drama, I heard a lot of people ask if I’m really dating Jung Hae In.”

She continued, “I did many melodramas since my debut, but many people around me asked if we were really dating particularly during this drama. I wondered why, so I closely watched the videos and photos that we shot. Each person gives off their own image and disposition, but Jung Hae In is similar to me. When we’re in a scene together, there’s this feeling of harmony that comes off strong, so I think that’s why people thought that.”

Speaking about their chemistry, Son Ye Jin said, “Seeing Jung Hae In reminded me of the beginning of my debut. It made me think of when I filmed ‘Classic’ and ‘A Moment to Remember.’ I started filming the melodrama genre around then, and watching him get completely absorbed into [his character] Seo Joon reminded me of myself.”

The actress also praised her co-star’s potential. She explained, “I heard he’s in his fifth year of promotions and this is his first lead drama. Watching Jung Hae In, I wondered, ‘Did I act like that when I was in a [similar] time of my acting experience?’ but I was not able to.”

Son Ye Jin continued, “Jung Hae In and Seo Joon Hee were highly in-sync. He is good about being considerate and quickly immerses himself. Jung Hae In probably came prepared to the set, but if I suggested, ‘How about doing it like this?’ then he would act that way right away. I thought many times that he’s quick and flexible. His five senses are well-developed and his emotions are abundant. I look forward to seeing what kind of acting he’ll show next.”

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