After her successful film, “Chilling Romance,” actress Son Ye Jin has chosen her next project, “Accomplice,” which will be directed by a rookie director.

While “Chilling Romance” was also shot by a rookie director, “Accomplice” will be Son Ye Jin’s third straight project with a rookie director. People are wondering whether this is mere coincidence or if Son Ye Jin has certain preferences.

Son Ye Jin first entered the silver screen industry with her 2002 film, “Strokes Of Fire.” With her upcoming films, “Tower” and “Accomplice,” which will both be released this year, Son Ye Jin has a total of 13 movies in her filmography. Almost half of her filmography, six of her films, have been shot by a rookie director.

Wandeugi” director Lee Han’s debut project was “Lover’s Concerto,” in which Son Ye Jin was one of the female leads. “The Classic,” “Crazy First Love” and “A Moment To Remember” were all done by rookie directors as well.

In her newest film, “Accomplice,” Son Ye Jin plays a fearful daughter who suspects her father to be a serial child kidnapper. The film will show the battle of intelligence between daughter and father, who is played by Kim Gap Soo.

Sources from the film’s distributor, CJ Entertainment say, “It’s not easy for a famous actress like Son Ye Jin to partner up with a rookie director. This means that she has deep intentions for the future of the Korean film industry. This also means that she has an eye for things that have great potential.”