The members of project group UNI.T are as close as ever!

It was announced that SONAMOO’s Euijin will be appearing as a guest at NC.A’s upcoming encore concerts, which will take place on February 16 and 17 the Olympic Park’s Music Live Hall in Seoul.

Euijin and NC.A met when they both appeared on KBS’s survival show “The Unit” and debuted as members of the final project group UNI.T. Euijin will be appearing as a guest on both days, with other UNI.T members also expected to join her.

Euijin stated, “I’m so happy that my first guest appearance at a concert is for NC.A. Though I’m very nervous, I’m going to enjoy it and make lots of memories because I’ll be on stage with my UNI.T members again.”

NC.A is currently preparing for her encore concerts and Euijin is said to be working hard to prepare for SONAMOO’s new album.

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