Top actors Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung are considering the roles in an upcoming drama, “That Winter, The Wind Blows.

Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung are in the final stages of considering “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” by writer Noh Hee Kyung and Kim Kyu Tae PD. The drama is set to air in the first half of next year. Sources spoke with OSEN on August 16 and said, “The two actors are positively speaking with the production staff. I think we can expect to see two Hallyu stars working together.”

Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung received lovecalls a while back but they have been thinking very hard about joining the cast since it will be a long-awaited small screen come back for both of them. Other top actors such as Won Bin and Kim Tae Hee have also been considered but it is said that the continuous efforts of the production team’s casting call for Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung have made the two actors lean strongly toward joining the cast.

If the casting is confirmed, this will be Song Hye Gyo’s come back after 4 years since “Worlds Within” in 2008. It will also be a long time coming for Jo In Sung as it will be his comeback in 7 years since his 2005 drama, “Spring Days.”

Reps from both Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung spoke with OSEN and said, “We’ve received casting calls long ago and we are positively looking at the drama but there are still some final negotiations going on.”

Meanwhile, “That Winter, The Wind Blows” is a remake of the Japanese drama, “I Don’t Need Love, Summer.” A Korean film remake of the drama, “Love Me Not” has already been released starring Moon Geun Young and Kim Joo Hyuk.