Recently, a video of Song Hye Gyo and John Park has been uploaded on Youtube and other online communities, garnering a lot of attention. In the video, Song Hye Gyo opens a letter and asks, “John Park?” The scene then transitions to John Park, who picks up his cell phone and says, “Song Hye Gyo? Oh my god,” hinting at a collab work between the two.    

In the other clips, Song Hye Gyo is seen testing her voice, saying “I want to sing” and “I’m so nervous.” At the end of each clip, the message “Song Hye Gyo DEBUT 2012 March 8” pops up, piquing netizens’ interest.  Although it’s been 16 years since her debut, this is Song Hye Gyo’s first time releasing a track.

Netizens commented, “Is she a good singer?” “Wow, how did John Park get an opportunity like this?” “He must have been so nervous to get a chance to film with a goddess,” “I can’t wait for the teaser,” and more.