Today,” a movie starring famously beautiful Song Hye Gyo (“Full House,” “The World They Live In“), has delayed its release to the big screen.

This is Song Hye Gyo’s first movie since her much-publicized split from her love of almost two years, actor Hyun Bin (“Secret Garden,” “The World They Live In”). The two actors announced their split merely hours after he started his mandatory army duty on March 7, with both parties stating that it was a mutual decision, that they have the utmost respect for one another, that they’ll remain as friends… blah blah blah… and HOORAY! I mean, considering: Is it fair for one woman to have a claim on Hyun Bin? I’m pretty sure we can agree on the answer to that.

The movie was originally scheduled to open in May, and per the norm, press releases and interviews were scheduled to coincide with the release of the movie. Perhaps Song Hye Gyo realized she couldn’t possibly fit all the interviews and press events into her endorsement-packed schedule? (I don’t even live in Korea, yet I see her face everywhere, advertising everything.)

Officials from the movie announced on “Star Today” that they are currently working on the music score, computer graphics and completing the final details for the movie, and projecting a fall release. The movie is about a documentary director played by Song Hye Gyo, who loses her fiancé. (It wouldn’t be a Korean movie without some crying, would it?)

“Today” is Song Hye Gyo’s return to the silver screen since her 2007 movie “Hwang Jini.” The actress claims that “Today” has been the turning point of her career as an actress, and wishes for the fans to love the movie as much as she does. The movie is now aiming for an October premiere.


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