Song Hye Kyo was recently spotted in Monaco for a promotional event for the luxury jewelry line Chaumet.


She looked gorgeous as ever as she smiled for the press photos for the extravagant event that took up the full day.

song hye kyo chaumet monaco 1


She was also spotted in a beautiful dinner gown as she sat next to some of the top elite names in fashion, including Hollywood actress Natalie Portman.

song hye kyo chaumet monaco 2


As this was Song Hye Kyo’s second public appearance since news of her divorce dropped a few weeks ago, netizens began to attack her for being publically active in her promotions despite the unfortunate news.

song hye kyo divorce netizen 1


As divorce is still somewhat considered a taboo in the conservative Korean culture, netizens flooded multiple news reports about Song Hye Kyo with malicious comments.

song hye kyo divorce netizen 2


They even went far as to claim she had a Chinese sponsor since she was active abroad and widely covered by the Chinese press.

song hye kyo netizens 3


Despite the angry mob of netizens, a Queen’s going to do what a Queen wants do, and no one should ever criticize someone for their hard work!

song hye kyo chaumet monaco 4