Park Hyung Sik might be considering Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo’s agency, United Artists Agency (also known as UAA), as his new home.

On March 7, a source from UAA stated, “It’s true that we are interested Park Hyung Sik and held a meeting with him. However, we have not progressed to signing a contract.”

Meanwhile, one media source previously reported that Park Hyung Sik was discussing plans for an exclusive contract with Song Hye Kyo’s agency after the termination of his contract with Star Empire Entertainment.

Park Hyung Sik, who recently became a free agent, has also been revealed to be in contact with Keyeast Entertainment. With UAA also expressing their interest, the singer-turned-actor seems to have many options for joining a new agency.

Which agency do you think Park Hyung Sik should sign with?

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