Actress Song Hye Kyo was pictured volunteering at a sanctuary for abandoned animals.

Recently, on an online community forum, photos of Song Hye Kyo taking care of abandoned animals at an animal sanctuary in Chun An have surfaced.

In the pictures, Song Hye Kyo is volunteering while dressed in comfortable work clothes, donning a mask and a hat, while her face is free of makeup.

Her hat sits low on her head and the mask seems to cover most of her face but her warm actions while caring for the animals as well as her interaction with other volunteers shows how wholeheartedly she was working on that day.

Back in 2008, when there was a gas leak in Tae An, Song Hye Kyo was there in the front lines volunteering to help get rid of the oil stains off the nature it contaminated. Then too, photos of her working alongside other volunteers found its way online. It isn’t surprising because Song Hye Kyo is known to regularly volunteer and donate to help those in need, proving that her inner beauty outshines her outer radiance

Netizens who have seen these photos praised her actions with words like, “Song Hye Kyo’s heart is just as beautiful as her outer beauty. It is truly heartwarming” and “Her inner beauty is more stunning.”

Photos of Song Hye Gyo volunteering at a sanctuary for animals.