The PD of KBS’s new variety show “Sister’s Slam Dunk” says he’s in talks to get some of the Korean entertainment industry’s most sought-after celebs on the show: Song Il Gook and his beloved triplets!

“Sister’s Slam Dunk,” which stars Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany, rapper Jessi, Min Hyo Rin, Hong Jin Kyung, Kim Sook, and Ra Mi Ran, aired its first episode last week on April 8. The show follows the women as they try to achieve the dreams that they’ve been unable to fulfill because of their busy lives as celebrities.

The show was well received after its first episode, and many viewers were also thrilled to see a cameo by “Reply 1988” star Park Bo Gum, as well as the cast’s phone call with “Jang Young Shil” lead actor Song Il Gook, who is also the father of the famous triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse.

In a recent interview with TV Report, the show’s PD Park In Suk was asked how he managed to get Park Bo Gum on the show. “Ra Mi Ran is friends with Park Bo Gum, and it happened that Park Bo Gum was filming as the host of ‘Music Bank’ at the time, so we came upon him by chance,” he replies.

In the first episode, the cast calls Song Il Gook and asks him to be Kim Sook’s mentor as she learns how to drive a bus. When asked if we’ll be seeing the triplets and Song Il Gook on the show, Park In Suk replies, “We’re currently talking with Song Il Gook’s agency about having him appear as her mentor on the show. Nothing concrete has happened yet.”

He adds, “I’m curious and excited about [the possibility] of the triplets too.”

Would you like to see the Song Triplets on “Sister’s Slam Dunk”?

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