Song Ji Hyo recently talked about her reasons for not being active on social media.

In an interview with news outlet TV Report, the actress discussed her upcoming movie “Wind, Wind, Wind” (literal title) and how she differs from her character in the film.

Unlike her character Mi Young, who is addicted to social media, Song Ji Hyo barely uses social media in her own life. Although many celebrities use social media platforms as a way to communicate with their fans, Song Ji Hyo reported that she had no plans of embracing the trend.

When asked about her decision, the star replied, “Communication is a matter of personal preference. Just as some people want to make their voices heard, others prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves. I’m not the type who prefers [to speak out].”

The actress, who has mentioned before that she is an introvert by nature, went on to explain, “It occurred to me that speaking up is the same thing as drawing attention to myself. I’m the type to freeze [easily], so I choose not to do it.”

Song Ji Hyo’s film “Wind, Wind, Wind” premieres on April 5.

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