In an interview with news outlet MyDaily on March 28, Song Ji Hyo shared her thoughts on the “Me Too” movement that has spread across South Korean society as well as gender bias in the acting industry.

“I was very upset that the situation was to the point that ‘Me Too’ had no choice but to rise as a movement. My heart hurt,” Song Ji Hyo shared. “I think those people who had the courage to make it so that so many people could unite like this are amazing. I admired their courage.”

The actress added that she was grateful for the people she’s worked with on “Running Man” and her newest film “What a Man Wants,” saying, “I’ve been with the program I’m on for a very long time, and the film came about through friends I know. None of them are bad people. I did know them before the ‘Me Too’ movement arose, but they are respectable and sincere to the point that there is no one among them who would be able to commit such actions.”

She also discussed how she feels sad whenever she sees negative articles about not only women, but the children, elderly, and disabled as well. The actress explained, “I think that society has changed a lot now, but even now, I wish that those that are disadvantaged in society would not become victims. Women are disadvantaged, but there are children and elderly who are as well. I hope that we will become a society where those we think of when we think of disadvantaged people will no longer be harmed.”

While on the topic of women, Song Ji Hyo further addressed how she wishes female actors would be given more opportunities, and her dislike of separating actors based on gender.

She expressed, “It makes me very sad. Honestly, I don’t feel that great about the fact that ‘actresses’ and ‘male actors’ are purposely called different things either. However, if we were to separate the two for the sake of separating, it’s true that there aren’t a lot of opportunities for female actors. I hoped for a long time that more of those chances would be created, but now I think that more and more may become available.”

Addressing more than just the entertainment industry, Song Ji Hyo concluded, “I hope that societally, space will be created for women to do anything, have a voice, and thrive.”

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