“Running Man” has revealed a sneak peek at their upcoming episode that features the second part of their global project.

HaHa, Yang Se Chan, and Song Ji Hyo’s group heads to Taiwan and enjoys local treats. Song Ji Hyo, in particular, surprises her team members with her voracious appetite. In addition to eating various famous dishes in Taiwan, she even gobbles up stinky tofu including the soup.

Her team members feel disbelief upon witnessing her eating prowess and compliment her.

On the other hand, another team headed to Jeju Island. The team consisting of Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, and Jang Do Yeon suffer under unfavorable weather conditions due to the strong wind and rain. On top of that, they fall behind in the competition as tickets back to Seoul get sold out.

You can watch “Running Man” on Viki here!

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