Photos from Song Ji Hyo‘s recent autumn photo shoot for a clothing brand have been released.

The photos are from a brand advertisement campaign and featured the actress and “Running Man” member Song Ji Hyo. This photo shoot recently took place in a cafe street in Seoul.

In “Running Man,” Song Ji Hyo usually shows her energetic and competitive nature. But this time around, Song Ji Hyo’s feminine charisma bloomed through the photos, proving that she is a star with multiple charms. Netizens and fans especially exclaimed interest in Song Ji Hyo’s sexy eyes and her shapely legs.

In the released photos, Song Ji Hyo sports lovely fall outfits, emphasizing the rich color of her tights. Netizens who came across these photos commented, “Song Ji Hyo is truly pretty,” “Song Ji Hyo’s sexy eyes were unexpected,” “Song Ji Hyo is the perfect autumn lady,” and more.