Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo are garnering attention for their recent couple photo shoot, according to World Daily.

They were featured in Samsonite Red’s latest photo shoot for the Fall and Winter season. Samsonite is a bag company that focuses on luggage such as suitcases, travel bags, and backpacks.

Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo

Although the weather was extremely hot, Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo showed no signs of fatigue or exhaustion. They acted in the scene of two young lovers on a romantic date, and had big, bright smiles. They had worked together previously for a TV commercial earlier in the year, so they already knew each other. During breaks, the two stars were seen talking together like they were close. 

There are even rumors that many female staff members filled the studio with the sounds of sighs as the date scene was shot.

In other news, the pictures from Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo’s shoot will be revealed at the end of July on Samsonite’s Facebook and homepages. The products will be available for purchase during the middle of August.