First look at Song Joong Ki in character as Se Jong the Great! With his newest role, he goes from Joseon-era pretty boy (“Sungkyunkwan Scandal“) to Joseon-era royalty.

Song is playing the younger version of the famous king in “Tree With Deep Roots,” the anticipated sageuk drama from the “Queen Seon Deok” writers that also stars Jang Hyuk, Han Seok Kyu, and Shin Se Kyung.

Song recently tweeted this photo of himself in sageuk garb, taken from the drama’s set. Well, aegyo king is one version of Se Jong we haven’t seen in all the numerous adaptations that have existed to date; count on Song Joong Ki to make even a legendary figure look adorable. In the drama, his youthful version of Se Jong is a genius living under a harsh father and turns inward to his books; he represses his nature in order to foster patience, in a conscious effort to be the opposite of his father. Han Seok Kyu plays his older counterpart once the drama moves into his reign as king.

“Tree With Deep Roots” premieres in September on SBS.

Via TV Report

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