Actor Song Joong Ki recently gifted his long-time manager with a car as a way to show his gratitude for sticking through thick and thin together. 

After experiencing one of the greatest heights of his career this past year, Song Joong Ki decided to give his manager a high-class sedan car as a thank you gift. 

The manager who received this special gift has been with Song Joong Ki since the beginning of his acting career with Blossom Entertainment. When Song Joong Ki moved agencies to Sidus HQ, his manager also followed him faithfully. Kim Lee Sa spoke to Star News and said, “I’m definitely grateful for him thinking of me in this manner.”

After setting his sweet, flower boy image aside to reveal his masculine charisma, Song Joong Ki has succeeded in captivated many a female fan’s heart this past year. Song Joong Ki’s movie “Wolf Boy” attracted over 7 million movie-goers and his drama “Nice Guy” won the hearts of many viewers.  He has also received many love calls after establishing a reputation for being able to take on all kinds of scenarios and adding his own effect.