In a recent photo shoot and interview with W magazine, Song Joong Ki opened up about his recent happenings and his upcoming movie.

As the cover model for the upcoming issue, the actor basks in the Californian sun as he poses in a desert-like landscape, somewhere in Los Angeles.

Song Joong Ki has been relatively out of the spotlight, with his last small screen production being KBS’s hit 2016 drama, “Descendants of the Sun,” and one big screen production on the way.

“I feel like I’m spending my free time more plentifully than I ever have. I’ve always spent my life as if I was pressed for time ever since I debuted, [with the mindset of] taking on another production as soon as I finished one,” the actor reflected during the interview. “That’s why, this year I’ve briefly stepped away from work and want to try and spend some time just as Song Joong Ki in his thirties.”

Regarding his upcoming movie “Battleship Island,” which is set to be released in July, Song Joong Ki expressed his confidence that it will be a success, “no matter what anyone says.” He explained, “I can say this because of the confidence and trust I have as a member [of the cast] in the production I participated in.

The rest of the photo shoot and accompanying interview can be found in May issue of W magazine.

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