Producer and host JaeJae recently posted photos on Instagram thanking actor Song Joong Ki for asking her to be the MC for his fan meeting.

I met up with Vinzenco Cassano and Minsung! It must have been a truly special moment as it was his first fan meeting in three years and I am so thankful that he asked me to be the host. And I’m just a tad bit excited that he nonchalantly handed me a present saying that he bought it while he was buying his own. I am feeling the music and am listening to the Vincenzo OST as recommended by Song Joong Ki. See you next time!

⁠— Jaejae

| happy_jae_jae/Instagram

In the photos, fans couldn’t help but wonder if he had purposefully chosen red headphones in order to match JaeJae’s hair color.

  • Did he choose red headphones to match her hair? If that’s the case that is so cute!
  • He is so sweet~
  • Are the headphones red because of her red hair! He has a good eye for these things!
  • He has such a good sense of taste seeing he chose red to match her hair color!

The tvN drama Vincenzo, which recently aired its final episode, is currently the ninth highest-rated drama in Korean cable TV history and the sixth highest-rated for a tvN drama.