Actors and good friends Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, and Song Joong Ki recently went on a trip together to Thailand. On June 9, a photo of the guys relaxing on a boat was posted online, and now another photo has been released of the trio on their bro-venture!

In the pic, the guys wear sunglasses as they pose casually with two of the staff members of the resort they were staying at.

Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo, and Jo In Sung have been good friends for a long time. Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki worked together on the film “A Frozen Flower” in 2008. Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo both appeared in the 2014 SBS drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love.” And of course, Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo got to know each other on “Running Man.”

Song Joong Ki was just discharged from the army, and will next be appearing in the drama “The Descendant of the Sun” with Song Hye Kyo. Lee Kwang Soo is starring in “Running Man” while also filming a Chinese virtual romance show, and Jo In Sung is considering options for his next project.

You’ll also be able to see the trio reunite on June 14’s episode of “Running Man”!

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