Viewers were able to hear actor Song Joong Ki‘s voice through the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s “Mamma Mia.”

On July 14, MC Lee Young Ja called up Song Joong Ki for the segment of the show where he had to ask someone how their mother reacted when they would bring their friends over to their home unannounced. 

MC Lee Young Ja started off by asking Song Joong Ki, “Have you ever brought friends over to your house on the spur of the moment? Was your mother okay with that?”

Song Joong Ki replied, “After my debut, I still brought friends over to my house. My mother didn’t really say anything about it, but treated them with great hospitality. I think she enjoyed having guests over.”

When Lee Young Ja asked, “Who among your actor friends have you brought over?” Song Joong Ki answered, “Only (Lee) Kwang Soo,” once again revealing how close the two celebrities were. He laughed as he recalled, “When he comes over, my mom will even make handmade noodles.”

When Song Joong Ki was asked what his mother was to him, he replied, “My mother is also my friend.”

Super Junior member and fellow MC Kyuhyun also joined in on the conversation with Song Joong Ki adding, “Next time, invite me over too!” 

Who doesn’t love these besties?