On April 23, Song Joong Ki‘s agency Sidus HQ announced that Song Joong Ki will hold a fan meeting tour “Song Joong Ki Asian Fan Meeting Tour – Thrill & Love” in Thailand, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Seoul. The first of this series of fan meetings will begin in Thailand on April 28.  

Industry experts are expecting nearly 2000 fans to gather at Paragon Hall, where Song Joong Ki’s fan meeting will be held in Thailand. Moreover, fans are continuously inquiring about the rest of the fan meeting, hoping to see Song Joong Ki in person. He will be visiting Singapore and Shanghai in May, Hong Kong in June, and Taiwan in July. 

An official from Sidus HQ commented, “Song Joong Ki is really excited for these upcoming fan meetings. He is coming up with various interesting ideas, trying to meet the expectations of his fans. He wants to spend some quality time with foreign fans through these fan meetings.”