Song Seung Hun and Kim Hae Hee arrived in Taiwan on Saturday to promote “My Princess.”

Song Seung Hun who has not been to Taiwan for the past ten years, showed his sincerity by greeting everyone in Mandarin. However, Kim Tae Hee almost caused an uproar when she has to be reminded by reporters that she visited Taiwan five years ago along with Kim Rae Won to promote “Love Story in Harvard.” It was only then that she embarrassedly recalled having tasted the famous Taiwanese dessert, shaved ice with mango.

Taiwan being the first place in Asia that Song Seung Hun has a fanclub, he said that the fans always give him a sense of family, and especially prepared presents for them. While the forgetful Kim Tae Hee claimed its her first time to Taiwan but she loves Chinese cuisine and wants to eat fried rice. She also revealed that she most wanted to collaborate with Jay Chou, a Taiwanese multi-talented singer-songwriter-director, for a film.

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Kim Tae Hee praised Song Seung Hun to be a man of humor, but out of his 100 jokes, 90 of them are “cold jokes.” Song Seung Hun revealed that one of his lines to Kim Tae Hee “Be my woman” was actually spoken from his heart. Did I hear fans of the Honey Couple squealing?

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Yesterday was the seventh day of the lunar seventh month (Chinese Valentine’s Day), Song Seung Hun felt that the best present to his girlfriend would be himself, causing the audience to applaud his answer in agreement. As there was a scene of him baring his upper body, it received alot of attention. Song Seung Hun revealed that he usually rely on exercising to maintain his good physic. In the show, Kim Tae Hee who used onion and green pepper to cover her eyes, said she “didn’t get to see anything, what a pity.” However, the use of the vegetables proved to be too funny and caused her to have NGs many times.

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Kim Tae Hee is voted first in the lover poll by korean males, as the two shared a romantic kiss on the staircase in “My Princess”, Song Seung Hun was asked how did the kiss feel? At first he beat around the bush, refusing to answer the question directly, but finally said “very good.”

The host also tested them with how many times did they kissed? Song Seung Hun reaffirmed the question several times only to give a wrong answer of “three times.” Kim Tae Hee answered correctly with “twelve times.”