Hallyu star Song Seung Hun has been cast for the leading man in a new sageuk (historical) action film, “The Messenger.” It’s been two years since Song Seung Hun made his last film appearance in “A Better Tomorrow.”

On October 12, Song Seung Hun’s management, Storm S Company stated, “Song Seung Hun has decided to film ‘The Messenger.’ He is already going through high levels of training for the action scenes. He is currently practicing swordsmanship and horseback riding.”

Song Seung Hun previously revealed that he had completely fallen in love with sageuks while filming the drama, “Dr. Jin.” For this upcoming film, Song Seung Gun plays the role of Moo Jin, a messenger who needs to deliver an urgent message that entails the fate of the country in the times of Koryeo.

Song Seung Hun commented, “The film was so good that I read through the scenario all in one sitting,” and “I became captivated by Moo Jin’s character, which is why I chose this project. The film will offer a speedy plot and sensational imagery.”

Shooting for the film will officially start in December.