Actor Song Seung Hun recently revealed a photo of his father and proved that his good looks come naturally. On September 25, Song Seung Hun greeted his father on the occasion of the elder man’s birthday on his personal Twitter account and posted their photos together.

The actor picked an old photo of his father, showing the older man in his youth, wearing black-rimmed glasses. Along with it, he posted a photo of his younger self from his graduation. The photo is attracting attention in online communities for the proof that good looks run in their family. Even with the glasses, the elder Mr. Song still shows the sharp features that everyone recognizes in his son. Song Seung Hun himself is also remarkable for his naturally chiseled face, almost unchanging from his youth.

Netizens who have seen the photo commented with “Song Seung Hun shows some resemblance with his father,” “Song Seung Hun’s father is more my style,” “It’s easy to see that his father would have been a handsome star during his time,” and other such reactions.

Meanwhile, Song Seung Hun will next be seen in the Korean-Chinese film collaboration “The Third Way of Love,” co-starring Liu Yifei.

Song Seung Hoon and dad