Song Seung-heon
and Lee Min-ki have been cast as the leads of a Korean remake of Hong Kong noir film A Better Tomorrow, the classic 1986 John Woo crime thriller that starred Chow Yun-fat, Leslie Cheung, and Ti Lung.

The remake, Invincible [무적자], boasts a blockbuster
budget of more than 10 billion won and comes from film company
Fingerprint, which bought the rights to remake the film in 2006. At the
time, director Jang Hyung-soo was attached; he is known for films like Rules of the Game and Everybody Has Secrets. However, now directing is Song Hae-sung of Maundy Thursday and Failan. Director Song and Song Seung-heon are reteaming after having once worked together a decade ago in 1999’s Calla.
The film has been invested in by Japan’s Formula Entertainment, making
this a multinational production that plans to release simultaneously
throughout Asia.

Song Seung-heon will take the role originally acted by Chow Yun-fat,
while Lee Min-ki takes Leslie Cheung’s. Ti Lung and Waise Lee’s roles
are currently being cast. While the original was set in the Hong Kong
gangster underworld, the remake features a North Korean defector who
settles in the South and gets caught up in the world of organized crime.

This is Song Seung-heon’s next project after his drama comeback met with widespread success in East of Eden. Lee Min-ki, meanwhile, has had a great year with blockbuster Haeundae (as well as smaller films like Oishii Man) and also put out his first solo album.

Invincible hopes to begin filming at the end of the year in order to release in 2010.

Via My Daily

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