Song Il Gook and his triplets recently put on a play! In the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns,” Manse turns heads in his new golden hair-do as he played the role of Cinderella. In the preview, he acts out the part of a hardworking servant girl and makes his father laugh with his passionate broom-work.  Minguk, the fairy godmother, helps him (her?) transform and meet the prince (played by Daehan). Daehan and Manse manage to film the ball scene perfectly, with no cuts!

song triplets

Meanwhile, an adorable Minguk dressed in a pointy hat and butterfly wings accidentally misses his cue. But he quickly manages to get on stage and deliver his lines without a problem. Daehan, in a tuxedo and crown, makes an adorable prince and makes his father smile with his delivery of the line, “Cinderella, please don’t go!”

“Superman Returns” airs on October 4 at 4:50 KST.

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