Hello, Soompiers! Welcome to the third batch of “Songs Impossible to Listen to with a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop.” You have all been very supportive of this segment and have generously offered your suggestions. Thank you!

Today’s batch will feature 2PM’s Taecyeon, F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki, and actress Song Ji Hyo.

1. “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga
I’m sure you have all heard things song more times than you can count, and I assume many of you have watched covers of this song, as well. Lady Gaga’s popularity is also quite big in Korea (thanks to Lady Hee Hee, perhaps), and F.T. Island‘s lead vocalist Lee Hong Ki decided to give shot at the hit song, too. Personally, I utterly adore the guy, but I honestly did not know what song he was singing at first. As the top comment for the video says, this is certainly “Engrish at its best!!” I actually had to watch the clip a few times to really recognize the song. Thank you for the suggestion, cekavazosia!

YT Cr 2joy1308

2. “성인식” (Adult Ceremony) by Park Ji Yoon
Park Ji Yoon
‘s “Adult Ceremony” may have been the turning point of female K-Pop, as the song broke away from traditional image of cutesy girl groups. The song is quite literally about the coming of age of a girl. Beastly idol Teacyeon of 2PM presented his rendition of the song at “Family Outing 2’s” family talent show of sorts last year, and fellow guests and viewers alike were quite….traumatized. After this video, I just keep picturing Teac’s bulky muscles. 

YT Cr dhffp1 

3. “Hot Issue” by 4minute
This deviates a bit from the original idea of the segment, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. 4minute’s “Hot Issue” was one of the songs that really brought 4minute to the surface and to the public’s attention. Before actress Song Ji Hyo became a part of the Monday Couple on “Running Man,” she first showed her sense of Mong Ji Hyo-ness as a guest on the first season of “Family Outing.” The FO members get a kick out of tricking their family members that she’s an amazing dancer over and over again just to re-watch her adorable and slightly awkward dance, as well as other peoples’ looks of surprise. Take a look!

YT Cr jkim1221

And instead of putting of performance videos of these stars in order to redeem their images, I’ve decided to embed videos of the original songs. Due to the interesting renditions of the three stars before, it’s quite possible to forget what the originals actually sounded like. I mean, I wouldn’t want you to start singing “Poker Face” in Engrish or have your bulky boyfrind reinact “Adult Ceremony” or awkwardly show up at a talent show with Ms. Song’s moves. You’re welcome.

1. “Poker Face” by Lade Gaga

YT Cr Lady GagaVEVO

2. “성인식” (Adult Ceremony) by Park Ji Yoon (starts at 1:35)

YT Cr LandonKim99

3. “Hot Issue” by 4minute

YT Cr 4minuteVEVO

Hope you all enjoyed the third batch of “Songs Impossible to Listen to With a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop.” Please comment below on your reactions to the three songs. Also, please leave suggestions for future batches. It is only your help that will guarantee the longevity of this segment. Otherwise, I’ll be fresh out of ideas, and the segment will come to a standstill. Thanks!

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