Welcome back, Soompiers, to the sixth batch of “Songs Impossible to Listen to with a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop.” Today is a SNSD‘s “Tell Me Your Wish/Genie” special. “Tell Me Your Wish” has been one of the most parodied songs during the past couple of years, and many of you have made suggestions of other celebrities and their unique rendition of the song. Enjoy.

1. “You’re Beautiful” Cast
This is a classic; I figure you’ve all watched this at least once. I absolutely adore the drama, and I must admit that I’ve watched the drama more times than I can count on one hand. Teehees. No shame! If there’s anything that’s a little disappointing is the short length of the parody. I genuinely wish it were longer. I want to see Lee Hongki be Jessica a little longer, as well as Jung Yong Hwa be all pretty looking and be Tiffany a little longer. To be quite frank, I find it annoying that the three of the guys pull off the girly look better than most girls. Oy. Thank you to everyone who suggested this!


2. Wonder Boys on SBS’ “Inkigayo” 
A few things about this video. 1. I am unbelievably upset to see MC Mong in this. I know he’s been through hell during the past year or so, but regardless of the details of all that’s happened, he was a fantastic entertainer, and I absolutely loved his songs. I would very much love to see him back on the screen. Although, I guess, discussions about him could be saved for another time. 2. Oh, Taemin. I think that’s sufficient. 3. HI, WOOYOUNG! 4. Oh, Key, you diva! Thank you to every who suggested this!

3. “Dream High” Cast
I love this version. I feel like this version is the perfect blend of hottness, hilarity (So I hear that hilarity is a word?), talent, harmony, and fun. How many of you laughed when the dude started crying? LOL 

And last but not least, I give you the two official music videos for the original “Tell Me Your Wish” and “Genie,” Korean and Japanese. Personally, I love the Japanese music video 10000x more. I actually think SNSD’s Japanese music videos are consistently better than their Korean ones, but I’ll save that discussion for another time.

“Tell Me Your Wish” by SNSD

“Genie” by Shoujo Jidai
I cannot for the life of me find the official music video. I’d really appreciate it if somebody could post the link of the official music video in the comments section. Thanks!

I hope you all enjoyed the sixth batch of “Songs Impossible to LIsten to with a Straight Face Anymore Because of K-Pop: “Tell Me Your Wish/Genie” Edition. Please please continue leaving your suggestions. Your continued interest (or the lack thereof) in the the segment determines the longevity of this segment, as well.

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Until next week de42