VIXX‘s upcoming repackaged album and the writer of their new track has been rising on the portal sites’ search terms chart for a large portion of the day.

On July 21, VIXX announced through their official Twitter, “We will reveal the sound teaser for ‘You’re Something Else‘ from their upcoming ‘hyde‘ repackaged album.”

After this tweet, the title of the song became a hot topic among fans, since in Korean, it is a popular slang at the moment. Around the same time, the writer of the song, Kim Yi Na‘s SNS comments also caught the netizens’ eye.

On July 21, songwriter Lee Min Soo tweeted, “Kim Yi Na, who came on set for Brown Eyed Girls to support them, is miserable because a certain song of hers is using a title that she doesn’t approve of. It’s not a Brown Eyed Girls song,” along with a photo of Kim Yi Na with her head down. This caused netizens to wonder if she was upset about the title of VIXX’s song.

kim yi na

Following that tweet, Kim Yi Na tweeted, “I trust Jellyfish Entertainment,” which led netizens to also assume that perhaps she wasn’t miserable because of VIXX’s song.

Meanwhile, VIXX’s sound teaser for “You’re Something Else” is also receiving attention for using the backward masking technique, which is when listeners can hear a hidden message when the track is played backwards.

Take a listen to a teaser snippet of VIXX’s “You’re Something Else” below!