Actress Soo Ae is currently starring in the mystery drama “Mask,” which has been well received by critics and viewers alike. Its first episode grabbed the number one spot in its ratings time slot, which is solidifying her status as a guarantee of success for dramas.

But the drama’s storyline and Soo Ae’s acting aren’t the only thing that are getting people excited. There’s also been a huge number of inquiries about Soo Ae’s clothes, accessories, and props from the show.

According to a source in the advertising industry, items that are labeled as “Soo Ae’s Dress” or “Soo Ae’s Necklace” are hugely popular now. Soo Ae’s reputation as a trendsetter is once again shaking up the world of advertising as fans try to get their hands on the stylish items that she sports on the drama.

Companies also scrambled to secure advertising spots for the first and second episodes because Soo Ae is starring in the show, and so they were completely sold out much earlier than usual.

Have you been coveting any of Soo Ae’s fashion items while watching “Mask”?

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