Actress Soo Hyun (Claudia) Kim’s bodyguard seems to have become almost as popular as the actress herself.

An interview with Soo Hyun’s bodyguard, Kang Ji Yeon, was broadcasted during the June 10 episode of SBS entertainment news show “One Night of TV Entertainment.” During the interview, she describes her unexpected rise to fame after netizens noticed her beauty in photos of her acting as Soo Hyun’s bodyguard at events for “Avengers 2.”

Kang Ji Yeon, who is actually the head of a translation and protection services company, expresses surprise and worry at the newfound attention, saying, “Overnight, a lot of people began to recognize me all of a sudden. My job is to make sure that events go smoothly, but because [camera] flashes are going off just about anywhere to the point where bottleneck situations occur,  I couldn’t even come outside for a while.”

She also reveals, “I’ve exercised since I was young and hold black belts in kendo, martial arts, and hapkido. I also translate both Japanese and English.”


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